In a recent exchange on one of the social media sites, a Canadian, proud of the socialized health system in “his” country, said what most Canadian’s say:  that their system is wonderful and that all of the complaints are just undocumented anecdotes….that sort of thing.   The ridiculous socialist doctor on the John Stossel Show in which I appeared said much the same thing.  He said he had family in Canada and they loved their system and never complained about it.

This all reminds me of a response Thomas Sowell gave in a debate once.  After his opponent stated as facts what were all provable lies, Sowell said: “…while you are certainly entitled to your own opinion, sir, you are not entitled to your own facts.  Facts are facts.  Lies are lies.” 

If the Canadian system is so great, why are so many patients from there coming to the United States for care, even my facility here in Oklahoma City?  But let’s leave the Canadians alone for a minute.  We hear the very same thing from Great Britain, that is, how wonderful their National Health Service is.  Check out this article.  


G. Keith Smith, M.D.