Here’s an interesting article.  In it is a description of a man in a British hospital dying of thirst.  Actually, he died of thirst.  Not before he called the police asking for help from his hospital bed, though. 

By passing on this description of hospital complications I in no way mean to suggest that hospitals in the U.S. can’t stand improvement.  Followers of this blog know that I am no defender of the cartel system of health care we have in this country.  That said, there are those who believe that now that we have “universal care” everything will be just great!  It is for that reason that I pass articles like this one along.

I suppose this man should have been thankful that he wasn’t actively killed by the hospital with their Liverpool Care Pathway.  Which is worse?  The indifference and neglect inflicted on this poor man or premeditated murder by the same staff with their euthanasia pathway?  Not much of a choice, is it? 

Those celebrating the court’s decision should keep their eyes open to the atrocities that will become increasingly common once this system is fully implemented.  I predict that we’ll look back and realize that some of the sick and uninsured would have avoided the hospital and recovered on their own or died in the presence and under the loving care of family members, rather than entered the hospital only to be murdered to save the state money.  Ich existiere fur das Wohl des Staates (I exist for the good of the state).

G. Keith Smith, M.D.