I haven’t felt much like writing since the tornadoes came through here.  The death and devastation associated with this natural disaster help put a lot of things into perspective, though.  That the Oklahoma legislature considered using taxpayer money ($80 million) to build an Indian museum and a music museum, for instance, seems even more ridiculous when you realize that part of the money to fund this insanity would come from the wallets and bank accounts of the victims of the tornadoes, everyone of which will require all the resources they can muster to rebuild their own lives and dwellings. 

That the giant hospitals in the area are continuing to run their expensive radio ads to pressure Oklahoma’s Governor Mary Fallin to embrace the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, is truly appalling, because as the hospitals are whining for more government handouts, the tough and resilient folks hit by the tornadoes are not asking government for anything.  Indeed, the outpouring of support by businesses and individuals for the disaster victims is so overwhelming, one can’t help but wonder what the federal government brings to the table in this disaster.  

As we all turn our attention to the victims of mother nature we must not forget that many of the folks in government tirelessly continue their work to take over control of even more of our lives, our health, in particular.  Disasters like what Oklahomans are currently working through can serve as useful distractions to the tyrants who would devour more of our freedom.  While the government takeover of healthcare, the IRS and FBI scandals and almost everything else seems trivial when compared to the human suffering all around us, we mustn’t forget that the work of the statists continues and is even strangely aided by these disasters.  Each of us should guard against leviathan using a crisis as either an excuse for more government or as a distraction for its misdeeds.  

G. Keith Smith, M.D.