Patrick Mcguigan is interviewed here by Alex Cameron on KWTV’s “Capitol Report.”  Pat and Alex briefly discuss my free market efforts about 3:30 into the interview. Pat is a well-known political writer with whom I have had numerous and in-depth discussions about free markets and health care.  I always enjoy talking with Pat as he seems just as interested in my philosophical journey as he does about what my thinking has led me to attempt or accomplish.

Pat’s latest pieces about our facility and about me are here and here.  Pat writes for The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, an organization whose mission “honors Benjamin Franklin’s legacy of democratizing journalism to empower a free society.”  Pat is well-versed in Austrian economics and Bastiat, and his writing reflects this.  I have enjoyed getting to know him and am honored that he has chosen to highlight our efforts to bring free markets to medical practice using the gift of his fine writing. 

G. Keith Smith, M.D.