Here is a blog post from Cori Cook, a widely respected health care and corporate attorney. Here is a link to her new website.  If you open her “Transparency” page, you will see that she is a fan of what we are doing at our facility!  I have referred to her as the Surgery Center of Oklahoma’s “national cheerleader,” as she travels all over the country spreading the word about free markets in medicine in general and price transparency specifically, giving much of the credit to Dr. Lantier and me.

It is to Jay Kempton, of The Kempton Group and Cori Cook, of CMC Consulting that I owe the vast majority of my understanding of not only the workings of self-funded insurance alternatives but also the inner workings of the health cartel.  Thank you to you both and congratulations to Cori on the launch of her new website.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.