Received this email this morning from a physician in Georgia.  I have heard many stories about how our pricing has been used to the advantage of patients in California and Florida and other non-competitive states, but thought this one was worth passing on.  Our price for this procedure, just for your information, is $3600….and we are profitable at that amount!


Hi Keith,

You’ll like this story.  I talk about your Center all the time to my colleagues and patients.  One of my patients has symptomatic BPH, he has MCR part A, not B, therefore OP surgery not covered.  I told him about you.  He did his research and was prepared to take the trip to Oklahoma and have this taken care of.   

My urologist friend was bemoaning the $40,000 price tag our patient was quoted and I updated him on his plans.  Our Hospital CFO (nice guy!) heard us and asked me later what was going on and I told him all about you and the Surgery Center of Oklahoma.  He called the urologist, called the patient who negotiated him down to $4,000.  My patient dropped his cost by 90%, paid my colleague cash and everybody happy. 

Thanks for all you do!  Keep up the great work.