Patrick McGuigan writes this piece about the Entrepreneurial Excellence in Oklahoma Award presentation this past Friday.  Labor commissioner Mark Costello is running radio ads featuring our facility and once I have a copy of this I will post it for all to hear.  

Commissioner Costello credited Dr. Lantier with introducing him to Austrian economics in his remarks just prior to presenting the award.  Costello had no idea that I was headed out the door with two of my sons to the “Mises Circle” in Houston, just after the award presentation.  When I spoke to Lew Rockwell in Houston about having received this award from the State and the Commissioner’s economic “Austrianism,” he said, “..that is shocking, and remarkable.”  

The economists speaking at the Houston event seemed focused on the difficulties the current economic climate has created for entrepreneurs, true entrepreneurship becoming more difficult with opaque price signals and “regime uncertainty,” to use Dr. Robert Higgs phrase.  I’ll blog soon about this Houston conference and how I think the information presented there applies to free market health care.  

It is our adherence to the free market principles of the Austrian tradition that are responsible for our uncompromising business plan.  These same principles have undoubtedly translated into a quality commitment coupled with rational pricing.  I doubt seriously that another state’s labor commissioner has the foggiest idea what I mean by the last two sentences written.  

Thanks to Pat McGuigan for attending the award presentation, his fine journalism and to all who attended the event.  We are pleased to receive this award, particularly as it was presented by a proud “Austrian.”

G. Keith Smith, M.D.