Here’s a quote from an AP article by Matthew Perrone recently regarding the compounding pharmacy in New England the FDA wants to use as their “give us more power” poster child:  

“The entire pharmacy was an incubator of bacteria and fungus, said Sarah Sellers, a former FDA officer who left the agency in 2008 after unsuccessfully pushing it to increase regulation of compounding pharmacies.  She now consults for drug manufacturers.”  

Whoa!  That’s not even slightly subtle, is it?  Let me see….how did she get this job?  Hmmm.  She went from attacking the compounders for the FDA to….well….attacking the compounders for the drug manufacturers.  I’m seeing a pattern here.  She went from hired gun to….hired gun!  Oh well, at least she’s consistent.  Beginning to see why bureaucrats want more involvement in health care?!

Her old boss and her new boss want these compounders destroyed.  Politicians cash in on using agencies like the FDA to strong arm their client’s (pharmaceutical companies) competitors.  This is an effective fund raising strategy in Washington, D.C.  Individuals outside of government that engage in this brand of commerce are properly and commonly called gangsters.  I’m not seeing any difference between them.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.