Two more patients from Canada are having surgery at our facility this week.  One is a woman suffering from a horribly painful gynecological condition that, once again, is curable (not treatable, but curable) with a routine outpatient procedure.  She was looking at 18 months best case scenario to receive treatment in her home town.  That this is the situation in Canada is remarkable.  That she would come to Oklahoma City of all places is particularly remarkable.  And why come to the Surgery Center of Oklahoma of all places?  Why wouldn’t she go to a “not-for-profit” hospital where they obviously would charge less since they’re not trying to make a profit?  

Those of you who follow this blog know by now that our prices are online for everyone to see, and that these prices are 1/5 to 1/10 that charged by our “not-for-profit” hospital friends.  And we are making a profit!  How can that be?  Maybe they are overdoing the cost-shifting thing a bit.

Also coming to see us from Eastern Canada is a child needing his tonsils and adenoids out along with ear tubes.  I was told that this child would likely wait 2 years for surgery due to his sleep apnea.  Guess what the cause of his sleep apnea is?  His enlarged tonsils and adenoids!  A large (and famous) hospital in New England quoted this family $20,000, just for the facility’s part.  Our charge was less than $4,000.  For everything, surgeon and anesthesiologist included.  And we will make a profit.

Our Canadian medical refugee business is picking up.  Our prices are clear and low.  Their health system is at its endgame and is falling apart.  What else do you need to know about the Canadian style system except that the Canadians are coming to Oklahoma City for surgery?  Seriously.  Is that what we want here?  Free health care?

G. Keith Smith, M.D.