Here is a video link to a recent debate on Medicaid Expansion in Oklahoma, a debate in which I was honored to be included by the conservative think tank, OCPA(Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs).  Also asked to argue the opposing side was Forbes editor, Dr. Avik Roy.  

This was an expensive event to host, the expenses of Dr. Roy, the rental of the venue, the moderator’s honorarium and the lunch provided.  OCPA is near and dear to me because they trumpeted our message first, Brandon Dutcher, Jonathan Small and Michael Carnuccio all taking heat from corporate health care for their support of our free market approach.  Once again, they bravely included me in a debate on whether Medicaid expansion in Oklahoma is a good idea, knowing that I would argue that government has no place in health care whatsoever.

Without the efforts of OCPA and their fine staff, the size of the state government here in Oklahoma would dwarf what we now endure.  If you are inclined to support think tank organizations, there is none more deserving in my opinion.  It is due in no small part to the efforts of this fine organization that anyone anywhere knows about our facility.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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