In today’s news, the executive branch of the government, unable to peddle an insurance product the purchase of which has been mandated, has solicited members of the private sector to help them get their government cash registers working.  Are these first responders “useful idiots,” as Lenin would have described them, or are they some of the Information Technology crowd, the cronies whose fortune depends on shoving this law down our throat?

This would all  be funny if the consequences of this “law” could be ignored.  The IRS is seriously going to punish us for our failure to buy insurance we don’t want, that is unavailable.  Fortunately for the gullible folks who want this “coverage” the failure of the rollout of this abomination will spare them a bit longer from the firing squad method of medical care delivery.

What would be the reaction to a company in the private sector that had advertised the introduction of a product or service and on the day of its unveiling, it caught on fire when the switch was flipped?  Bankruptcy is what would happen.  We would all know that a severe design flaw in the beginning would likely translate into even more devastating failure down the road.  We would walk away.  We wouldn’t buy it.

Ahhh.  Now you know why Obamacare is a “law” not an insurance product.  You have to buy it whether it is worthy of your purchase or not.  Even more outrageous is this: you have to buy it even if it is not available!   

Now put yourself in the shoes of the cronies.  Think you could show a profit by charging for something that is no good and which you do not have to actually provide?  Absolutely, as long as people are forced to buy your non-existent trash.  This makes me wonder, once again, whether the failure is really a failure at all, or just part of the plan.  

Health care is far too important to combine with the brute force and corruption of the “state.”  The cartelization of the health care industry, brought to us through extensive and bipartisan political bribery over the years, has done little to slake the thirst of the blood suckers in government who lust for a complete takeover of this industry.  Rather than suffer ruined reputations and bankruptcy, the “planners” will do what “planners” do:  charge us more for their failure.

We should all pay very close attention to who the people are who are “working overtime” to fix the “glitches.”  Paying them for this work may represent the first of many bailouts for TUCA (The Unaffordable Care Act).

G. Keith Smith, M.D.