The Sisters of Mercy (whose head nun, Sr. Patricia Talone, is paid $416,623) are so hell-bent to hurry up the “not making a profit” activities they are known for, have asked the City of Edmond for a waiver allowing them to place a temporary structure at their new facility/spa in Edmond, Oklahoma.  This will allow them to not make a profit a lot quicker than otherwise, as their building project, still incomplete, isn’t ready to make them no profits. 

They have also asked many local folks to sign the steel girders that will frame their new facility.  Probably not a bad idea to have your name on the rafter from which you will want to hang yourself after you see your bill from this outfit.  Once they are open and busy not making a profit, be sure to compare the bill you get there to the website prices we have published on our site.  Now that the salaries of this bunch of gals have been outed by the recent article in The American Spectator, I’m beginning to understand why they need to charge as much as 10 times what we do in many cases. 

G. Keith Smith, M.D.