Here are some very exciting things that are happening at our facility that I wanted to pass along.  

We will launch our new website very soon, one which will allow us to show the prices for even more procedures, and one which I can easily edit and expand.  As competitors enter the marketplace, I want to be able to change pricing quickly or to add new procedures.  We are very close to this becoming a reality.  The new website will also allow us to better showcase our beautiful facility and fine staff, and utilize the power of video for patient testimonials, surgeon interviews or even video blogs.  

I have been invited to appear on the John Stossel show.  I will keep you posted on when they plan to air what sounds like a show dedicated to free market healthcare.  As you can imagine, I am very excited to have been asked to appear as this will help us enormously in our efforts to promote price transparency and free markets in medicine.

And finally, the interest in our facility by large employer groups from all over the country continues.  The savings to many of their health plans for the procedures we currently have listed on our site (soon to be much larger!) is such that paying travel and lodging expenses for their employees needing surgery can easily be covered….with lots of money to spare.  Samaritan Ministries and similar organizations and their members are taking increasing advantage of the affordable quality care at our facility.  I won’t be surprised if one year from now, Oklahoma City will be a “medical tourist” destination with numbers of patients traveling here rivaling even the largest out-of-country competitors.  

As medical facilities all over the country begin to realize how they can simultaneously become more successful and serve patients better, by embracing the discipline of the free market, a massive deflationary medical price war will ensue.  This could be one of the healthiest things the people in this country have ever seen.  

G. Keith Smith, M.D.