I have been encouraged by my friends at VI Marketing & Branding, the consultant helping me with social media, to create video blogs, all of which, completed as of today, are linked to in this blog.  I plan to embed all future video blogs into this written blog for the benefit of those of you who subscribe to this blog with RSS alerts.  The response to the vlogs produced so far has encouraged me to continue with this, as the following of the vlogs in a very short time has surpassed the following of my written blog!  I plan to continue to write, however, as I am convinced that writing, more than anything, has helped me to speak and communicate more clearly and accurately.  Thank you one and all for your support.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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Episode 1 – “The face of retaliation”

Episode  2 – “Does higher price mean higher health care quality?”

Episode 3 (Part 1) – “The story of the $100 aspirin”

Episode 3 (Part 2) – The higher the hospital charge, the more the PPO makes”

Episode 3 (Part 3) – “Understanding the lies hospitals tell to make money”

Episode 4 – “But what about the poor?”

Episode 5 – “How self-funding saved OK County $500k”

Episode 6 – “Are we cheap? Or is everyone else just expensive?”

Episode 7 – “Explaining why health care is messy… in less than 7 seconds”

Episode 8 – “Let’s discuss the GOOD news of Obamacare”

Episode 9 – “The electronic medical records scam”

Episode 10 – “Fighting the corporate health care takeover”

Episode 11 – “More on the electronic medical records scam”

Episode 12 – “How big hospitals deal with competition”

Episode 13 – “Let’s talk about cherry picking”

Episode 14 – “A bedtime story about the unraveling health caretel”

Episode 15 – “A fireside chat about a corrupt man in Washington”

Episode 16 – “Competition? Bring it on.”

Episode 17 – “A Christmas Story