My favorite captioned drone pics so far.  What a display by Dr. Rand Paul. He quoted Lysander Spooner on the floor of the senate, essentially, poetic vandalism of this “hallowed” chamber!  Spooner once said the constitution didn’t apply to him, as he didn’t sign it.  He argued that there was no legal precedent for a document to bind an individual whose signature wasn’t affixed.  He argued that no individuals, long since dead, could contractually bind future individuals without their individual and express consent.  This was radical stuff from a secessionist, abolitionist!  Worth checking out and once again, great that he was quoted.  I didn’t hear Rothbard, Mises or Hoppe, but I guess he ran out of time.  

I think it is more difficult than ever for a government that claims the authority to murder/assassinate/kill/whatever its citizens without due process to claim the moral high ground with its healthcare plan for us all.  Hard for the rulers to simultaneously claim to care so much for us while claiming the right to kill us without trial, no?  

G. Keith Smith, M.D.