Many of you are following this blog (thank you!) relying on me to provide links to my video blog series in this location, so here are some more.

This videoblog pertains to the scam of mandated electronic medical records systems.

This videoblog breaks down some of the mechanics of how large hospital systems work to avoid the discipline of market competition.

This videoblog represents electronic medical records, part 2, the portion where I attempt to explain why the federal government was all too happy to subsidize this industry.

In this videoblog, I challenge you to think like the administrator of a big hospital system in terms of how to deal with competitors.

Here, I break down one of the most common insults hurled our way by the big hospital systems, “cherry picking.”

And to keep the latest videos together, here, finally, is what is shaping up to be many people’s favorite healthcare bedtime story.  Hope you enjoy these videos.  Thank you for watching.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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