I remember the hippies.  I miss them.  What happened to them?  What happened to the liberal loonies that didn’t trust the government?  Antiestablishment became a word during the hippies’ time.  They didn’t believe a word about Vietnam.  What happened to this distrust of the government?  

If you listen to NPR you hear hushed voices talking of utopia.  Free health care for all.  Government regulation of the environment through pollution and CO2 credits due to global warming.  Didn’t a lot of these folks used to be hippies?  Where do they get off believing what they are told by the government about the environment?  Why can’t they resurrect their distrust?  How can they not see that this health care sham is all about bribery and political favors to the elite in the insurance, computer, big pharma and giant hospital industries?  Where is that wonderful skepticism of the hippies?  How can they so easily believe “the man” now?  

Maybe they did too many drugs.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.