This is why I don’t belong to the AMA.  Well, part of the reason.  Notice in the third paragraph the urging of Congress to support legislation that requires the “sharing” of patient prescription information.  Ah.  The AMA is all about protecting patient confidentiality, huh?  Then my favorite.  They want more government funding of PMDP’s (prescription monitoring drug programs).  More government in medicine.  That’s what we need.  What a bunch of buffoons.  

Keep in mind that only a very small portion of the funds forming the AMA’s income actually come from physicians.  What?!  That’s right.  Most of the AMA’s income comes from Uncle Sam in the form of the monopoly contract granted to them to print the ridiculous code books we use every day.  I believe that this contract was granted to them in return for their support of the Harvard generated RBRVS (resource based relative value scale) that formed the basis for Medicare payments in the early to mid 90’s.  It should come as no surprise then that the executive VP and CEO of the AMA, Dr. James Madara, would advocate a solution to prescription drug abuse that would involve….more government.  

This organization is so inept and out of touch with reality.  That they have tied their wagon to our increasingly bankrupt government may eventually prove to be their doom.  One can only hope.