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Would you be angry if you discovered that your entire working life, you had sent money to someone every 2 weeks – money that was supposed to be put back for you, but money that was spent. Money that was spent on all kinds of other things and not put back for you at all. Yes, you would be angry and you should be. And so would I.

This is my thought as the 50-year anniversary of Medicare has just passed. Because this is precisely what has happened. How do I know this? I asked a U.S. Senator years ago why I could not just walk away from Medicare if I promise never to sign up or make a claim and he could have all the money that I paid in; he could keep it.

He didn’t want to answer this at first, but ultimately he did. And he confirmed everything that I just told you. The money that Medicare uses to pay its bills comes from the current working and the young – not from the people who paid in all this money that has basically been stolen from the government.

I hear elderly people say ‘I have paid into this system all my life,’ and indeed the elderly have. But all that money is gone. And it should make everyone mad. Particularly since the young – the children and grandchildren of many Medicare beneficiaries – are stuck with these bills. This is a Ponzi scheme pure and simple. If you’re in the private sector, you go to prison if you do this. If you’re in government, you celebrate the anniversary of Medicare.

What should be done? Should it be reformed? Or should it be abolished? If we abolish it overnight, that would be cruel. There would be people who would truly be needy, who would be on the street, people who would not receive the care that they needed.

But you might be surprised to know that over the years, there have been many solutions to end this Ponzi scheme and not throw people in the street. My favorite is the option to sell all Federal lands, the proceeds of which would be used to buy annuities. And those would then fund the care of those who could not afford it.

If you’re elderly, you should be mad. You should be mad because you don’t have an alternative. And increasingly, as the effects of Obamacare and Medicare reform (Washington D.C. style) become known to you, you will see that not only does the Federal government plan to continue to have our children and grandchildren pay these bills, but they also, as I’ve told you before, have every intention of helping the elderly understand that it is their duty to die on a budget, to embrace euthanasia and all sorts of other budget-saving tools. That is what governments do when medicine is socialized.

If you’re elderly and you’re on Medicare, you should be angry. You should be angry that the government has stolen all of the money you’ve paid in. You should be angry that your children are stuck with the bill. You should be angry that there are no alternatives. And you should be particularly angry about what is coming.

Those are my thoughts on the 50-year anniversary of Medicare. I didn’t hear about anyone else who had these comments, so I thought I’d pass them along to you.

Thank you for joining us in this video blog series, we’ll see you next time.

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