Jim Epstein’s “Reason Magazine” piece on our facility has “gone viral.”  It is number one on the Reason site, and has been on HotAir.com and RealPolitics.com, reaching a huge audience.  There are just shy of 100,000 views on YouTube.  I have received many requests for interviews and several patients have contacted me about pricing for surgeries they have been told they need, having considered surgical remedies for their  old fractures, hernias or chronic sinusitis out of their financial reach until now.  The big hospitals say they have to accept all patients, but by pricing care out of their reach, they achieve the denial of care level which fits their profit mission. 

In an interview with Terry Lowry (which will be released on his website Wednesday), I encouraged listeners to use our pricing to leverage better pricing in their local area.  Faced with the possible loss of patient revenue, local physicians and facilities will begin to come to grips with a growing demand for price transparency and providing patient care at prices that deny the big hospitals with such excessive revenue, revenue used to sponsor sports teams, conduct massive ad campaigns and build on limitlessly, it seems.  

In just under two weeks, a group dedicated to price transparency in healthcare (see a trailer here) will reveal their movie/documentary included in which are interviews with Dr. Lantier and myself.  They have asked me to attend its first showing in Austin, Texas, an event I’m looking forward to.  I’ll post this piece on the blog once they’ve released it.  

Better quality and lower prices.  Both characteristics of an active and free market economy.  That the free market in medical care seems to be finally gaining ground and attention in a time when government has never had a bigger place in health care is truly astounding.  We should never underestimate the power of the free market even in darkest times.  It is always operational whether its detractors will acknowledge this or not.  

G. Keith Smith, M.D.