Here is just a glimpse of what the government’s presence in medicine looks like.  Read the entire thing if you can, although I admit I had trouble getting through it.  

Two of the things I remember about Dr. Ron Paul’s office were the picture of Murray Rothbard looking over his left shoulder and the sign on his desk:  ”Don’t steal.  The government hates competition.”  Perhaps that is why the state wants to fine or imprison individuals who violate others’ privacy.  Perhaps the state wants to keep privacy violations jealously and exclusively to itself.

I have stated many times that “Medicare is the only ‘insurance company’ that has its own F-16’s and tanks and that is no coincidence.”  After all, the state is that institution with ideas so great that they have to be mandatory. The link above demonstrates:

1) the unveiled desire of the state to destroy the little guy

and (simultaneously)

2) the intentional creation of a demand for the services of those “consultants” needed to stay within compliance parameters, “consultants” who many times lobby for laws and regulations like HIPPA.

Many physicians and facilities are doing the unthinkable though, opting out of government payments altogether, a path the health apparatchiks did not foresee and a path devoid the teeth of the state.  The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has macheted this path, providing step by step instructions on how to escape the trap of government payment.

Reports from physicians I know indicate that almost without exception, the Medicare “beneficiaries” understand their physician’s decision to walk away, not from the patient, but rather from the state payment.  The link above would perhaps make a good brochure for those “beneficiaries” who are angered by or don’t understand their physician’s move to “opt out.”

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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