I gave a talk in Austin, Texas earlier this week to the Texas Association of Benefit Administrators.  While there, I met Dr. Jeff Rice, creator of “Healthcare Blue Book.”  He and I had talked on the phone once before, but had never met.  I was reminded of the blog I did a little over a year ago about Jeff and the financial experience he had while obtaining surgery for his son.  That blog from Feb. 13, 2012, is here.  

“Healthcare Blue Book” provides what is called “reference” pricing so that consumers will have some idea what a reasonable price for a given medical procedure or service should be.  This is extremely valuable to individual patients and third party administrators looking for some comparison.  Our pricing, available for all to see, is more radical, but a step most medical facilities are not willing to take.  This makes the “Blue Book” a valuable reference.  

Check it out here.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.