Several governors aren’t setting up the health exchanges mandated by the Unaffordable Care Act (UCA).  Either they see this as constructing their own gallows, or see it as an unnecessary expense if the election goes the way of the GOP.  Any honest governor knows that this is the tool that will be used to crush smaller competitors and stifle any innovation in the health insurance industry, both of these components intended to drive costs to levels never seen, levels that will bring people begging to the government on their knees for a single payer system.

My liberty-loving friend Jonathan Small at OCPA (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs) thinks it’s time for the state government to get going and create an exchange, as Lord forbid the federal government sets one up for us.

He has a point.  But think about what he has said.  If you agree with him, then you share his fear of being subject to federal control.  But why do you fear this wonderful government that has come to our rescue and brought each of us everything we need, even free health care?  You know, they’ve done such a great job up to this point, why not just sit back and let them craft an exchange out of whatever mold they think is best for us?  Aren’t they there to help us and make our lives better, more secure?  

I don’t know the answer.  I think many don’t fear the government and are therefore, in my opinion, asleep.  The statists are counting on enough folks not waking up until it’s too late.  By then these big government types will be long gone with their loot, blaming whoever follows them of mismanagement of their ideas and policies if things aren’t going well. 

Maybe the answer is to let the feds set up all of the exchanges so people  can see first hand and soon what this bill was meant to accomplish.  Maybe the states and the governors shouldn’t soften the blow this health care law represents.  Maybe this approach will wake more up faster.  Or maybe Jonathan is right.  Who knows?

G. Keith Smith, M.D.