TRANSCRIPT: Hello. Dr. Keith Smith with you – Surgery center of Oklahoma. Thank you for joining me in this video blog series.

I’m very excited to have Dr. Stan Baker and a representative of a charitable organization, Hearts for Hearing, join me here in just a few days for a video blog to discuss cochlear implantation.

Cochlear implantation is a hearing restoring surgery that is performed on the young and the old. It is a very exciting technology that is developing and we are very proud that the cochlear implant company with whom we deal has been very sensitive to price issues making their device much more affordable for people who would like to have this operation.

Medicare, as it turns out, will pay for one cochlear implant, but they will not pay for the other side. That is going to be the topic of the video blog with the Hearts for Hearing representative and Dr. Baker.

Hear at the Surgery Center, we do not mark up the price of this implant by a dime. Not one dime! So this makes the operation much more affordable when compared to the big hospitals which typically mark up the price of this implant by 2, 3, even 5 times.

I’m very excited to bring this video blog to you in just a few days. It will very likely be the video blog that is immediately after the one you are viewing right now.

Read about cochlear implantation. Go to YouTube sometime and search for children who hear their first words after they’ve had their hearing restored. You’ll see why I’m so excited about this and so excited to bring this next installment of our video blog series to you.

Thank you for joining. We will see you very soon with this very exciting development.