Jordan Bruneau’s article about our facility and me was posted today on the FEE (Foundation for Economic Education) website.  FEE is the creation of the great Leonard Read, one of those men who was a libertarian before it was popular.  Without the genius and gentle tenacity of Read, the liberty movement would not be what it is today.  

It is truly an honor to be mentioned on the website of this great organization.  Even though I have linked to Mr. Bruneau’s article previously, I am going to link to it again, simply because it is on the FEE site.

FEE has been an uncompromising voice of liberty since its foundation.  Leonard Read was a great friend and supporter of Ludwig von Mises.  To get a feel for Read (and Mises) check out Read’s eulogy of von Mises here. 

Read’s views on liberty were radical in his time and even now.  His views on patents and copyright led him to make all of his writings available free.  All of his great works (“Anything That’s Peaceful” and “Elements of Libertarian Leadership” are my favorites) are available online for you to read at your leisure and for no charge.

We are all beneficiaries of Read’s work and the efforts and writings of those involved with FEE.  I am honored to have been mentioned on their site.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.