Hello Dr. Keith Smith with you – Surgery Center of Oklahoma. Thank you for joining me.

 Are any of you still shopping for Christmas gifts? If so, I have one for you. It’s a good suggestion, I think.

 The Primal Prescription by emergency room doctor, Doug McGuff and Robert Murphy, very well-known Austrian economist. This is a fabulous book. At once, approachable by the layman, but full of insights for even the most educated medical professional.

They came together to describe how healthcare in the United States got into the mess it’s in, and all the while advising people that are reading it on how to navigate your way through the mess or how to avoid it altogether. This is a brilliant book. It’s one that I can highly recommend and it even has a mention of Surgery Center of Oklahoma toward the end of the book. 

 Still shopping? Give this book some thought. The unapologetically free-market Primal Prescription. Brilliantly written by Dr. McGuff and Dr. Murphy.

 Thank you for joining me. We’ll see you next time.