So the hospital stocks soared yesterday subsequent to the re-election of the current White House occupant.  I think it’s safe to assume that their stock price and his re-election are connected.  The stocks soared because the stockholders view these corporate hospital chains as more valuable than they were the day before.  I think it’s safe to say that with the Unaffordable Care Act in no danger of being repealed, these hospitals are better off financially and the stockholders are expecting greater returns due to the absence of threats to the Unaffordable Care Act.  

Question:  how can we reconcile the claim that this act will make care more affordable with the anticipation of greater returns to stockholders by these mega corporate hospitals?  While we will never know if Mr. Romney’s claim to provide “waivers” to this legislation would have ever come about, it is clear, isn’t it, that the mere threat of his “waiver” offer was keeping a lid on the hospitals’ stock value.  

We are not talking about pocket change.  We are talking about a 10% increase in the value of HCA.  In one day.  Those of you who are looking to benefit from this legislation need to keep your eyes open so you can see who the real beneficiaries of this legislation are.  Some, like the Health Information Technology cronies have already made off with billions.  Many of the “not for profit” hospitals have already benefitted from the fear created by the anticipation of the election results and the resulting ease in the hostile takeovers of physician practices.  The large insurance companies will see the industry consolidation they constantly seek, leaving bigger pieces of the pie for those few that remain once the medical loss ratio bankrupts the smaller players.  

In the health care arena as in all others, the government has foisted a great hoax on the populace, publicly promising them one thing while privately granting riches to the connected players.  Hopefully it won’t take forever for most folks to realize this scam and that they were lied to from the beginning.  The stock prices of these cronies are a smoking gun.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.