I just want to be sure that readers connect the dots between the salary paid to the nun running the Catholic Hospital Association and your hospital bill.  Any Catholic hospital that belongs to this mafia-like organization (that would be virtually all of them) has to pay for membership.  The money that they use to buy this membership came from…well…it came from you, if you were ever a patient at a Catholic hospital.  

How many people have been bankrupted by medical bills from these outfits?  Don’t you think those who have been unnecessarily financially ruined by these so-called “not for profit” hospitals would be troubled by the nun millionaire?

Also keep in mind that the CHA and Catholic Charities receives massive federal funding.  Since we all know that the government has no money that it didn’t first take from us at gunpoint, that means that another source of the funds required to make a nun millionaire came from taxpayers.  

Once again, if you want to know one of the primary reasons health care is so expensive, look no farther than your local “not-for-profit” hospital.  The unholy alliances they have made with the government and certain insurance companies have resulted in a cartel-like model of doing business, nothing resembling a business model disciplined by ruthless market forces.

Thugs like this nun pushing for Obamacare only have enriching their clients in mind. There is no altruism in a habit-less millionaire nun, whose clients make a regular and daily habit of shaking down the sick for money.

Try to remember that her million dollar salary would not be possible were it not for the taxes you pay and the $100 aspirin and $30 Kleenex on your hospital bill.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.