Writing here for the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, Patrick McGuigan discusses the historic arrangement between our facility and Oklahoma County and the early success.  In a related article here, McGuigan, writing for “Capitol Beat” reports on the national attention and reaction to the success of our arrangement with Oklahoma County.  

Pat is a gifted writer and helps drive home the fact that while the government promises of affordable care have not only not materialized, these same promises are now widely thought of as bold lies.  His delivery also highlights the fact that the free market principles decried by statists and their cronies (and angrily dismissed by academics) are actually delivering real savings in health care delivery.  

Many thanks, once again, to Pat for sharing his writing gift with us and to those agreeing to quotes in the second piece to which I linked.  Statist central planning in general has received in these two articles the well-deserved flame-thrower of Pat’s “mighty pen.”

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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