It is one thing for liars in government to lie to us all of the time.  It is another thing to demonstrate that they knew they were lying when they did.  You know, “…if you like your plan you can keep it.” 

Here’s a blockbuster story from the New York Post by John Crudele.  If the job numbers don’t look good, why not get the census bureau to simply lie about them? And that is precisely what has happened.  Why even collect the information/data if you are going to make up what looks good anyway?

Rather than the exception, I suggest that government lies are the norm and that if some government official proclaims “X,” there is every reason to believe that anything but “X” is the truth.  This is a good starting position, anyway.  Assume state officials are lying from the beginning and let them prove that they are not doing so.  How many more lies must be exposed before the credibility of the state itself, not just those occupying visible seats of power, has been destroyed?

Agents of the state have shown that they are perfectly willing to lie about wars, health care, foreign policy, jobs and the economy…you name it.  I think they have far too much on their plate.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.