Imagine that you are a federal bureaucrat that has worked hard to pass out other folk’s money.  You have successfully convinced the gullible masses that your newest program (free healthcare) is for their own good, while secretly insuring that favored cronies get the money first, and also insuring that there is little likelihood that the money actually reaches the folks to whom it was promised. This is, after all, The Unaffordable Care Act (TUCA).

Now imagine your worst nightmare.  None of the masses has any idea how this is supposed to help them.  None of the masses has any idea how to sign up for these free goodies.  The fines for not signing up will actually apply prior to the availability of the goodies.  Imagine all this and you have conjured up the worst nightmare of the authors of TUCA.  Yet this is precisely what is going on.

The feds are actually paying state governments to advertise the wonders of TUCA, a bill most want repealed.  Read here for details.   This reminds me of the comment once made by a mental health bureaucrat when no one was taking advantage of a program this fool had worked hard to inflict on the taxpayers.  He demanded that his minions “market the need!”  

I think it is an indication of the value the people in this country place on this government-issued insurance when the bureaucrats can’t give it away.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.