Here’s an interesting little article from the New York Times sent to me from Steve Gonzalez at  You would think that a first rate paper like this would look into why a total hip replacement is $12,000 at one facility and $125,000 at another.  You might even think that someone would raise issues about whether making sure that everyone had “coverage” was appropriate before dealing with the actual price or cost of care.  You would think so, but that would only be so if the architects of Obamacare cared a lick about how much health care was costing folks.  They didn’t and they don’t.  

Price transparency, you see, is a disaster for those who benefit from its absence in the health marketplace, exposing the “repricer” schemes, the uncompensated care scam and all the other non-transparent activities that serve to make so many in corporate health rich.  Many of these special interests buy lots of expensive advertising in the major media outlets, essentially insulating them from any true journalism.  I suppose the folks at the “Times” can sleep better for just having raised the issue.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.