As I read this article the first time, I found myself annoyed by the redundancy.  The article got a second reading, however, because I realized what the author was doing.  Clobbering, bludgeoning, blistering, whatever you want to call it.  Ms. Rosethal’s article is a literary assault and battery on the unethical and bankrupting billing practices of the corporate hospitals.

NBC News reprinted the article.  Lots of mainstream press passed it along.  While this could be a “buy even more advertising from us and we’ll shut up” extortion attempt by the mainstream media aimed at corporate health care, I have a feeling that more and more people, even “collectivists” are realizing that these “not for profit” hospitals are acting as simple mercenaries.

I remain bewildered that so many of the folks on “the left,” the government-doubters of the ‘60’s, have grown up to embrace the very state they so distrusted (violently at times) in their youth.  Trusting the state with our health care seems so grossly inconsistent with the hippie movement.  I am still “missin’ the hippies.”  Maybe this is a mainstream media “flashback.”

G. Keith Smith, M.D.