I thought that this blog was worth re-posting, given my last comments about the hospitals.  I also want to put this in perspective.  The new Devon tower in Oklahoma City will cost about 800 million dollars once completed.  This new building has re-defined the skyline of Oklahoma City, a magnificent architectural project and the tallest building in the entire state now.  

800 million is a lot of money.  4.2 billion is a lot more.  This is the amount the Sisters of Mercy announced (in late 2010) they planned spend on their building campaign.  

And you wondered why the independent energy producers have to fight with the EPA and can’t seem to get any cooperation from Uncle Sam, while the big hospitals have their way with us with legislation like the Unaffordable Care Act that will make them even richer?  

There’s big business, then there’s the big “not show a profit hospitals.”  And you wondered why your health care was so expensive.  

G. Keith Smith, M.D.