Ardmore, Oklahoma, although medically colonized by  the Sisters of Mercy and their stormtroopers, is home to a real charity, one that provides health care to the poor without bankrupting them.  The Good Shepherd Community Clinic offers free medical care to veterans, the disabled, those going to or coming from prison, non-citizens and many others.  Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, optometrists and others donate their time, the operation and supplies of the clinic provided through various fundraising activities held in the community.  

The clinic was founded by Dr. Tom McCulloh in 1995 and almost every physician in the area has donated some of their time over the years.  They receive no federal funds.  Yep. You read that right.  For information about their fundraisers or how to donate go to  

Here’s a question, though.  How is it that this clinic can operate in this manner, while the “not for profit” faith-based hospital in the same town can’t seem to?  The Mercy approach is to bankrupt poor patients that enter their lair, or to bankrupt those who can pay to “cover their losses” for those who couldn’t pay.  This deception was, of course, the primary justification for the need for a national health care plan, wasn’t it?  

I think the people in Ardmore would realize a tremendous “community benefit” if the administrators of Mercy hospital there would all resign immediately and turn the operation of the facility over to the wonderful folks running the Good Shepherd Community Clinic.  I’m thinking that they would require a whole lot less of the Ardmore population’s loot to “not make a profit.”  

G. Keith Smith, M.D.