I spoke to a group of legislators this morning about the price transparency phenonomen here in Oklahoma City at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs.  Brandon Dutcher served as master of ceremonies, beginning the affair with a short introduction then showing the Reason Magazine video about our facility.  A 45 minute question and answer session then ensued. 

A point I’ve heard many times was made this morning, a point that detractors have made in an attempt to discount the significance of our having placed surgical prices online.  Very simply, “…what you are doing is great, but you are such a small niche piece, the hospitals can’t possibly do this.” 

In the past, I’ve attempted to explain that the hospitals could do this, reviewing the process we had undergone at our facility to generate our pricing.  I no longer have to argue about this.  You see, a large tertiary care hospital here in Oklahoma City has approached me about working with us in this effort.  While they won’t post prices, due to vague regulatory issues, I’ll post their prices for them.

This is an extremely exciting development, as the list of surgeries on our website will grow tremendously, including surgeries done typically on an inpatient basis.  I answered the question this morning with this revelation and you could have heard a pin drop! 

Here is my interview with Brandon Dutcher of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs just after the meeting this morning. 

G. Keith Smith, M.D.