Hello. Dr. Keith Smith with you on behalf of the Free Market Medical Association. Thank you for joining me.

The American College of Physicians recently recommended that the United States adopt a single-payer, Medicare for All, type system. These disastrous ideas are very impressionable, unfortunately, on young medical students.

What can you do to help? We are enlisting the support of all supporters of the FMMA, whether you can attend the conference or not, and whether you are a member or not, to bring twenty-five medical students to the meeting (FMMA Annual Meeting), basically on a scholarship.

That will give us the opportunity to inoculate them on the disastrous ideas that the American College of Physicians and others promote. You can donate on the website at FMMA.org. Under supporters, there’s a tab that says donate and you can conveniently donate there. If you prefer to mail your check, whether it’s $5, $100 or $1,000, you can mail your check to the address listed on the website at FMMA.org.

We think that it’s important that your doctor, in the future, my doctor, in the future, works for you and me – not for the government. Please give some thought to helping us inoculate these medical students to these disastrous ideas.

Thank you. We’ll see you next time.

Donate to the FMMA Scholarship Fund: https://bit.ly/31qVLD5

Mailing Address for Check Donations: 13431 Broadway Extension, Suite 130, Oklahoma City, OK 73114